Aloha to all of our friends that enjoy looking at the Hanalei Bay webcam!

We have switched from Flash to HTML5 to view the webcam, so some of you may need to do a web browser deep cache clearing. Here are the instructions on how to do that in Google Chrome:

To perform a browser deep cache clearing:

  1. In Google Chrome, navigate to chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.
  2. In the window that pops up, uncheck all boxes except the one next to “Cached images and files.” (Keeping other boxes checked may cause users to lose saved browser data such as passwords or other site data.)
  3. Make sure that the “Clear the following items from” section is set to “the beginning of time.”
  4. Click the blue “CLEAR BROWSING DATA” button.


This should allow you to view the webcam without any further issues.

For other browsers, clear your cache or your browsing history and that should help as well.

Please remember us when you need assistance with Kauai real estate or vacation rentals. We are here to help.



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  • edp445


    i cleared my cache nad it still doesnt work is this cam even up since the 2018 flood

    • lois


      The home the cam was housed on washed away. We have not found a new home to install our webcam on as of yet. Thank you for trying. We miss it, too. Aloha.

  • mike


    I don’t use chrome. Too bad I can’t share your camera and ads anymore. Just check out St Regis cameras instead.

    • lois


      Aloha Mike,
      Go to our home page. Scroll down just below the video. On the left you’ll see a link to our webcam. Click on that link and you should be able to view it. Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, whatever browser you choose.

  • surfer


    I can’t get the webcam on either safari or firefox. Can you kindly tell what I need to do?

  • dennis


    web cam wont come on with fire fox i cot it before?

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