Stephen Long has assisted me on all my disaster insurance claims since hurricane Iniki. I highly recommend him. He provides excellent tips below:

Aloha Bali Hai Realty Team,

First, let me express my deepest heart felt sympathies to all of you, your neighbors and clients who have been adversely affected by this historic flood !!! All of the belongings of the caretaker at my farm along Kainahola Stream in Kapaa, along with all of my own agricultural equipment, has been swept away.

I first met John as a tourist at his home on Anini Beach, while it was under construction. In 1992, three days after Hurricane Iniki, I returned to Kauai as a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Pacific Rim Disaster Response Team after working with the Oakland / Berkeley communities following the devastating fire there in 1991. I moved my family to Kauai 6 months later, where my two boys attended Hanalei Elementary School. At that time I repaired all of the public schools on Kauai for the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services. I was Chairman of the Hanalei School Re-Construction Committee and involved in personal counseling sessions with Nick Beck, the Principal, to bring art therapy into the school to assist the children in expressing and resolving newly acquired fears and emotions as a result of being in a disaster. Over that following year I evaluated structural and personal belongings damage / losses, prepared the documentation, assisted owners to negotiate & settle insurance claims and rebuilt 83 homes under the Kauai Office of Emergency Permitting.

Once again, John has asked me to communicate with all of you and through you…your clients, to provide the same comprehensive professional services. This will be my fifth insurance claim and rebuilding effort with John over the past 26 years.

There are a number of important items to be aware of, that are outlined below:

  1. While cleaning up immediately after a flood, it is imperative to take as many overall and detailed before and after photos of the damage, regardless of how insignificant they may appear at the time. That means every single article damaged or moved by water. Many of your homes and personal items affected by water damage may not be accessible for some time, except by yourselves or our Team for ‘off-island’ owners, and cleanup is important to avoid the potential of additional future mold / moisture damage. We will also take photos as part of our professional services.
  2. Immediately communicate with your insurance company and open a claim. Detailed evaluation, documentation and cost estimates can be prepared over time. Again, photo documentation is critical.
  3. Become familiar with your insurance policy and terms of coverage. If you feel you may want to work with our Team, please forward a copy of your policy to me for our initial review.
  4. There is a big difference between insurance coverage for flood versus ‘wind driven rain’ damage in your policies. They are two separate areas of coverage. From what I have observed, there has been significant material and personal losses from both forces. High winds can move landscaping materials and trees that also damage structures…allowing ‘wind driven rain’ into ones home.
  5. Water is insidious and the damage can continue to develop over time. This includes mold, swelling floors, tight door frames, peeling paint etc. Please keep a notebook of observations over time of damages that continue to present themselves as being ‘different’ conditions than before the flood.
  6. “God is in the details!” The more detailed and thorough ones evaluation and documentation of the various damage is, the higher the estimated costs will be. It is your personal right to receive the maximum amount of financial compensation that you are legally entitled to, under the terms of your various insurance policies. Many autos will be a virtual loss.
  7. We are here to assist you and your clients in any way we can. After Iniki, many of John’s agents used me as a resource to prepare their own claims, because they were ‘on island’ in their own homes. Your friends and clients may not have such immediate access to their homes.
  8. My Team is comprised of architects, structural engineers and administrative personnel to provide the full range of professional services needed to assist you in all aspects of the site review, evaluation of damages both to the building and personal belongs and negotiating & settling insurance claims. As a licensed Hawaii architect we also provide the full range of architectural services, including design, permitting and construction observation.
  9. Our fees are based on an hourly ‘Not to Exceed Estimate’ of the time involved to provide the required professional services to meet your individual needs. There will a cap on our estimated fees that will not exceed 7.5% of any expenses involved. Industry standard is 8-12%.
  10. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.  I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED…AND I AM HERE TO HELP !!!



Stephen W. Long & Associates, Inc. PO Box 223459

Princeville, HI  96722 808-652-8000 [email protected]

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