Tips on Preparing for a Kauai Home Purchase

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If you are considering buying a Kauai home the process begins with deciding what type of home you want. No matter what your price range is for buying a Kauai home, you can still be very choosy about what type of home you purchase.

Every home buyer is unique. The goal of buying a Kauai home is to fulfill your own personal hopes and dreams so when you choose a home you want it to meet your particular needs and desires.

The first step is to define what you want out of your home purchase. Then you will be better able to spend your time wisely when searching for a Kauai home.

Make a list of the things that are most important to you in a home. By spelling out the various parameters of your desired Kauai home purchase you will be on your way to using your time efficiently and wisely with your Realtor in your Kauai home search.

Choosing the Location of Your Kauai Home

Do you want to live in a traditional residential neighborhood or would you prefer to be in a more remote location? Does the appearance of the neighborhood houses matter to you?

If so then you may want to consider living in an area that has a homeowner’s association that regulates and enforces certain rules and restrictions. For example on Kauai, Princeville Resort and Aliomanu Estates have homeowner’s associations that govern what is and what is not allowed. Kukuiula Village is also a well-planned community.

Conversely you may want to make sure you live in an area that is not governed by such an association. The monthly fee may be something you do not want to pay, and the restrictions on your freedoms may be something you would rather do without.

Ask yourself some important questions when preparing for your Kauai home purchase. Do you prefer to be surrounded by newer homes or is it okay to be in an older neighborhood? Do you want to be walking distance from shopping centers and grocery stores, schools?

Also consider whether you want a traditionally designed home or are you willing to consider some unique architectural styles? By answering these questions in advance you can ensure that your Realtor finds homes for you to look at that meet your requirements.

Another important question has to do with noise. Do you mind living near a busy street or is that a deal breaker? Often homes that are near busy roads will be significantly less expensive than homes away from such roads.

Some roads are busy only at certain times of day so you could view the home at a quiet time and still be unaware that at other times of day it is much noisier. Conversely you may visit during a busy time of day when the home actually enjoys peace and quiet most of the day, and thus the nearby road may be less of a problem than expected.

To get a good feel of the overall noise levels at a home, make sure and drive by at various times of day to see how the traffic flows in the particular area. As you ascertain the noise levels consider whether it is simply residential traffic or if it is commercial traffic including large trucks which may be much noisier.

Of course there are also other sources of noise besides traffic that may or may not bother you. Would you mind living near a school which may be noisy at certain times of day? How about near the airport? For some people who are not bothered by noise this may be a way for them to get the home they want at a much lower price than expected due to the home’s location in a less than perfectly quiet area.

If a home is in a busy traffic area (or near some other noise source), consider whether the bedrooms are on the side of the house near the road or whether they are mostly sheltered from the noise at night when your sleep is most likely to be disturbed.

One-Story Home vs. Two-Story Home

One major consideration when deciding which Kauai home to buy is whether you would prefer a one-story or two-story home. The benefits of a one-story home include easy access for people with wheelchairs and walking difficulties.

One drawback of a single story home is that it may be noisier to have televisions and stereos playing on the same floor where the bedrooms are located. An advantage of a single story home is that you don’t have to constantly be climbing up and down stairs when going from room to room.

Some people feel safer sleeping on the second floor of a house, and appreciate the view of the home’s surroundings. A two-story home also takes up less of the lot space than a single story home of the same square footage. However if the kitchen is upstairs there will be extra work carrying groceries and also taking out the trash.

Interior Specifications – Square Footage, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A larger home will generally cost less per square foot than a smaller home but the home may be more expensive overall. Decide how many bedrooms you need and also if you need extra rooms for such things as a media room, children’s playroom, study/den, art studio or media room.

Also decide if it is important that the bedrooms are all located on the same level. This is often important for newer parents who need to keep an eye on very young children. Most home buyers would prefer at least two bathrooms though in some cases it can be more economical to purchase a one-bathroom home and then add a bathroom later.

Don’t place too much importance on the home’s square footage when you haven’t yet seen its layout. Sometimes smaller homes that are well-designed can actually seem bigger than a larger home with a poor design.

Condominiums and Townhouses

If you want the pride of ownership yet don’t look forward to the many responsibilities of owning a large home you may like the convenience provided by owning a condominium or a townhouse. Kauai has many beautiful condominiums from Poipu to Princeville including oceanfront condos with spectacular views and luxurious amenities.

Condominiums also generally require fewer repairs and overall are much less expensive than owning a single family home. Also eliminated is the need for yard maintenance and exterior maintenance as these are normally handled by the condominium association.

By considering your various options when it comes to owning a home on Kauai you can narrow your search to the properties that fit your requirements. Your Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realtor can help you consider all of your options and find the Kauai home of your dreams!

Kauai Realty Services and Vacation Accommodations

If you are considering buying a home on Kauai you can see some of the island’s best real estate deals by browsing through the Coldwell Banker Bali Hai Realty Kauai Real Estate Galleries, or you can use the Map-Based Kauai Home Search.

For the finest quality Kauai vacation rentals including luxury estates, condos, cottages and beach villas, see our Kauai Vacation Rental Galleries or use our new Map-Based Vacation Rental Search feature.

Also please feel free to give us a call. The Bali Hai Realty staff will be happy to help you find the perfect Kauai vacation rental or assist you in the process of buying or selling a Kauai home.

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