Kawaihau proved victorious and won the District 1 championship over undefeated Kailua! They battled their way to the top of the consolation bracket after losing to the Kailua All-Stars team in the first round. As winners of the consolation bracket, they had to defeat the winner of the winner’s bracket by two games, which was still held by the undefeated Kailua team. The Kawaihau boys played really hard with their hearts and prevailed with the first win at 10-9. Kailua’s star pitcher Noah Auld and last night’s Kawaihau team captain, Matthew Schmidt faced off like David & Goliath at game start. Kawaihau then stunned the Oahu squad with a 5-2 win. Go team!


Kawaihau now goes to the state championships starting July 22nd in Oahu to face all the Little League Majors district champions for the State title. The winner there goes to the regionals, then on to the World Series at Williamsburg, Pennsylvania.


Go Matthew Schmidt! Go Kawaihau!

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