The Bali Hai Ohana welcomes Jonathan Druary!

Jonathan Druary R(S)

Jonathan Druary R(S)

Jonathan, an Orange County, California native, was introduced to the ocean lifestyle as a toddler surfing with his father. The ocean lifestyle became an obsession that he couldn’t live without. In addition to surfing with his father, Jonathan also found himself interested in his father’s career in commercial real estate. He was lucky enough to sit in a few meetings, property walks and examine blueprints in exchange for a few missed schooldays.

His first introduction to Hawaii came in the form of a two week vacation on Maui. Tears filled the eyes of every family member as their plane lifted off to return home. Their next vacation led them to Kauai. The beautiful landscapes and waterfalls of the Garden Island proceeded to steal their hearts. They loved everything about Kauai and yearned for more every year. Their first visit was two weeks, three the following year, and a month the year after. It seemed their time spent was never enough and leaving was always the most painful experience. In 2010, he had the opportunity to revisit Kauai after a 4 year hiatus and purchased a one way ticket. His luggage was minimal, a surfboard bag stuffed with clothes and surfboards. He has been on beautiful Kauai ever since.

Jonathan loves Kauai and is ready to share the island spirit with you.

Welcome Jonathan!

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