Even a squall could not dampen the spirits of spectators and participants at the Kilauea Town Parade yesterday.  It was a joyful celebration for Kilauea’s 150th anniversary and the Kilauea Lighthouse’s centennial!  Here are some photos of our ohana as they prepare and head out in the parade.  Enjoy!

The Bali Hai Ohana getting reading for the parade through Kilauea Town. From left to right: Corki & John Ferry, Adrian Sear, Martha George, Moana Ferry, Makai Ferry, Ruth Marvin, Christopher Ordonez, Josie Typoco, Susan Blaylock, Wailana Marvin, Sequoia Ferry holding baby Jack with Kennedy, Sabrina Marvin, Takako Ferry and Malina.

Kimo heads out on the parade route chauffeured by Christopher Ordonez, with Makai Ferry shotgun and Del Seager carrying the Coldwell Banker banner. Photo by Sean Ahearn.

The ohana file in line to follow the electric car and Kimo on the parade route.  Photo by Sean Ahearn

Heading through Kilauea Town. Photo by Sean Ahearn

The ohana at the Kilauea Town Parade. Photo by Sean Ahearn

The rain was no match for the festive atmosphere. Photo by Sean Ahearn

Moana Ferry and Braddah Kimo sharing a shaka! Photo by Sean Ahearn

Prior to the parade, Christopher Ordonez with son Jack checking out Braddah Kimo on the electric car. Photo by Moana Ferry.

Pre–parade photo of John and Moana Ferry. Photo by Susan Blaylock.

Pre-parade shot of Susie Blaylock with Miss Kennedy, Adrian Sear, Christopher Ordonez with Jack, and Makai Ferry.

Christopher Ordonez giving Kimo a lift from our office in Hanalei up to Kilauea. Braddah Kimo has been greeting and giving his shaka to everyone going through Hanalei since 1984! Photo by Susan Blaylock.



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