Kimo's new duds
Kimo’s new duds

Bruddah Kimo is back and he’s in rare form.  He took a much needed hiatus and went for a spa treatment and shopping spree.  He’s back with a new ‘do, new duds and a new attitude.  Kimo is back to his old tricks and offering up his shaka to all that pass by.


For those of you that have never met him, he’s been a Bali Hai icon for over thirty years and has been greeting all those who enter Hanalei town.  Bruddah Kimo retired here from the east coast where he used to be a fisherman dressed in yellow slickers holding a lantern to help lead people home. 


Bali Hai graciously accepted his services, changed out his duds for some local flair and he’s been our “Social Director” ever since.


Come on by!  Bruddah Kimo has got a shaka for you, too!



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