The County of Kauai announced at a public meeting at Hanalei School on July 11th the reopening of Black Pot Beach Park is now scheduled for July 22, 2019.  Mayor Kawakami introduced a number of County officials involved with the planning and rebuilding of the popular Hanalei Bay park and thanked the community for their patience at the crowded school cafeteria.   A “soft” opening of the County park on July 22nd was emphasized, improvements are ongoing, and future public input is planned.  The upgraded park now includes a portion of the old Sheehan boat yard.  See updated park map for reference.

Key items announced:

  • New concrete Weke roadway and roundabout with new speed table to replace old rubber speed bump.
  • New parking areas.  The improved makai parking lot and mauka lot for cars and boat trailers.
  • No bathroom facilities at this time.
  • No beach parking or vehicular access to the beach.
  • No camping.
  • No commercial boating.
  • 2 boat ramps.  The Hanalei River boat ramp will now be available for recreational boating and parking 5am-10pm daily.  The existing Weke Road boat ramp will be gated and only available by County permit from 10pm-5am primarily for night fishing.
Hanalei Black Pot Park

Hanalei Black Pot Park

Questions?  Contact:
Department of Parks and Recreation
Patrick T. Porter, Director

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