Information provided by The County of Kaua’i Department of Parks and Recreation:

The County of Kaua‘i Department of Parks and Recreation is spearheading a public planning process to develop a master plan for the expansion of Black Pot Beach Park.  The existing beach park is located at the north end of Weke Road in Hanalei, and is roughly 2.5 acres in size.  As a result of the County acquiring land on the mauka side of the existing park between the Hanalei River and Wilikoki Road and on the pavilion‐ side of the park, the beach park will eventually be expanded to more than 11 acres in size.   The master plan will set forth a long‐term vision for the use and expansion of Black Pot Beach Park, with recommendations to guide facility improvements over a 20‐year timeframe.  The County’s goals for the master plan envision a park that serves the local community and balances the demands of the various recreational interests drawn to the beach, including (1) improving management and protection of the resource, and (2) ensuring that public investments for park expansion and new facilities are strategic and cost‐effective.   Resolving conflicts among the different recreational interests, circulation and parking concerns, beach safety, access for disabled persons, natural resource   management, and environmental protection is anticipated to be among the major planning issues.    The planning process will rely on the involvement of current park users and community interests, including community organizations, fishermen, paddlers, surfers, beach‐goers, local businesses and neighboring landowners, government agencies, and other interested parties.  Opportunities to participate in the planning process consist of: three community meetings, two rounds of focus group discussions, and a Community Advisory Committee.  A project website (, tentatively scheduled to be launched in early‐July 2015, will also be used to share information and gather input.

For questions and to receive future meeting announcements and project updates, contact:   HHF Planners 733 Bishop Street, Suite 2590 Honolulu, HI 96813 e‐mail: [email protected]

Microsoft Word - June-2015 project sheet

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  • Kevin


    Most of the people that park on the beach live here. A big enough parking lot to hold us all would not be as environmentally responsible as just letting us continue to park on the beach.

  • Michael


    there needs to be a balance in the upgrades to accommodate both locals and visitors alike without taking away the natural beauty of the area.. Though the Country is looking to better the area for mostly the visitors. It really needs to take into consideration that the area is used by mostly locals.. Keeping things simple without over commercializing the area is very important. Yes better parking conditions are needed. I remain neutral over the parking on the beach. I see the impacts to the reef from vehicles that drive on the beach that have engine problems and leak oil into the sand in which over time is carried into the ocean.. Though I also love be able to have my truck next to our gatherings on the beach. Just please keep in mind when doing the upgrades you take into consideration the ideas that first come from the ones that have used the area the longest.

  • Pam Druary


    i hate seeing this. I went to the meetings. This will change the flavor of the north shore dramatically. Do you care?



      Unfortunately big money usually wins. This is another step towards the endless chiseling away of what made Kauai great. The low income housing at the top of the hill is the signal to us all that Kauai will be forever changed. Enjoy it while it lasts because it will never be the same. Thanks Ebay and other people who need to keep making more money than they will ever need!

    • Jessica


      Very sad…

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