Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags and Drink Containers Provided

Foodland Supermarket recently initiated a Take the Bag Challenge inviting customers to commit to using only reusable bags with the goal of reducing plastic bag use in Foodland stores by 50% over a six-week period beginning October 20 through November 30.

While this is a lofty goal to be sure, Foodland is serious about this ambitious plan and has provided some incentives including free gifts and the chance to win $1000 and more! Foodland is Hawaii’s largest locally-owned grocery retailer so they have the potential to make a big difference throughout the Islands.

Bali Hai's reusable tote and water bottles.

With a like-minded purpose, Bali Hai Realty recently created their own unique reusable, eco-friendly tote bags to distribute to employees and Bali Hai ohana! Bali Hai also gave out their new stainless steel BPA-free sports water bottles to help reduce the use of plastic water bottles.

The use of plastic as well as paper bags is a problem not only on Kauai but worldwide. One part of the solution is the reusable bag and so we encourage everyone to Take the Bag Challenge and help Foodland meet their goal of halving plastic bag use in Hawaii.

The Foodland website posts updates each day. To see how many bags have been saved so far check here: Bags Saved!

As of October 25 more than 71,000 bags had been saved and more than 11,000 people in Hawaii had signed the Commitment to shop with a reusable bag rather than using plastic bags in less than one week! This really shows the Aloha of Hawaii’s people who are eager to make a positive difference to help the environment.

How To Take the Bag Challenge

Sign a Commitment Card at any Foodland or download and print it ahead of time. The card simply states that you commit to using reusable bags when you shop. After just eight visits to Foodland you get a free product of your choice (four bottles of Honest Tea & Kettle Chips or Poke Bowl).

You can also enter to win a Reusable Bag Shopping Spree as well as up to $1000 and also a matching gift of $1000 to a charity of your choice.

Like Foodland, Bali Hai is a locally-owned business very involved in community causes and charitable organizations. We think it is great that Foodland has implemented their Take the Bag Challenge Program and that 2,500 of their own employees have themselves “taken the challenge.” Way to go Foodland Employees!

The Bali Hai Ohana supports Foodland’s efforts to help save the Earth’s precious resources and reduce wasteful consumption and pollution.

Let’s all pitch in and see if we can help Foodland reduce plastic use by half while also helping our beautiful Garden Island environment and making a positive impact here in our little corner of the world.

Quick Facts About Plastic:

The U.S. uses about 100 billion single-use plastic bags each year. Worldwide more than 3 million tons of plastic bags are discarded each year.

About ten percent of all plastic produced ends up in the ocean, and seventy percent of it finds its way to the seafloor where it may take many centuries to degrade.

Plastic bags are the second most common source of ocean trash after cigarette butts. On average there are 46,000 pieces of floating plastic in every square mile of ocean.

More than 60 million single-use drink containers are purchased each year and 75% are thrown out immediately after use. About 2.5 million tons of plastic containers are thrown away each year.

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