“A new Gathering Place” – A gift donated to Kauai by Bill and Joan Porter.

Entrance to Anaina Hou Community Park. Photo Courtesy of AnainaHou.Org

Anaina Hou Community Park has created Kauai Mini Golf, a skateboard ramp, the Wai Koa Trail loop, and an area perfect for farmer’s markets, but Anaina Hou has so much more in store for the community!  Bill and Joan Porter created Anaina Hou as a long term sustainability project.  They have spoken and collaborated with community leaders to create a gathering place for Kauai families and visitors.  The vision is becoming reality and work will begin soon on adding a fantastic skate park, two wonderful playgrounds, and the Kilauea Pavilion.  The Pavilion will feature an indoor theater, an outdoor pavilion, a certified kitchen, and conference/class rooms.  The expected completion date is 2015.

For more information, please visit their website: http://anainahou.org/

Click on the Kilauea Presentation Anaina Hou Community Park Downloads – either in a PowerPoint presentation or PDF download.

They would love your feedback.

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