Aloha Angels, initiated and founded in 2013 by Ric Cox, a Hanalei Rotary Club Member, is now a donor advised fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

With donations from individuals, businesses and foundations, Aloha Angels currently supports several youth-related programs on Kauai such as Adopt a Teacher, Adopt an After-School Club, Adopt a Teacher Candidate (Growing Our Own Teachers), Adopt a Computer, and Adopt a Teacher’s Project (

Aloha Angels is soon celebrating its Million-Dollar milestone and is in the process of creating an endowment to secure additional, substantial funding for Kauai’s public schools in the future. Hawaii is one of the only states where local school boards have no authority over the distribution of state and federal funds but all is controlled and directed by the State’s Department of Education in Honolulu. Small, rural schools on Kauai such as Hanalei or Kilauea typically miss out and don’t get the necessary funds needed. For many years, the Hanalei and Kilauea PTSA organizations have stepped in to raise funds to support programs such as art, music, and sports that otherwise wouldn’t be provided due to lack of funding.

Aloha Angels has taken the school fundraising efforts to a truly “angelic” level, still with grass root efforts and from the bottom up but with large wings to fly and lofty goals to reach generous individuals, philanthropists and businesses that care about Kauai’s Keiki. For additional information, please take a look at Ric Cox’s letter below, you may email him at [email protected], visit or simply make a contribution with a credit card on the following website



Thank you for your contribution and Happy Holidays!

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