Hanalei Pier – Saturday at 9am

The Namolokama O’Hanalei Canoe Club is hosting their 6th annual Hanalei Open Water Swim event at Hanalei Bay this Saturday, July 28th.  This open water swim has distances for all ages and abilities.  There are several children’s races – even for those younger than 8!  For those wanting to swim longer distances, there are options for a ½ mile, mile and 2 mile swim.

This is an opportunity to enjoy and compete at one of the most beautiful locations on the planet! (Yes, I am biased.)  So, get up, get out and get moving.  See you there!

Come on down to Hanalei Bay for some swimming fun!


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  • Stephen Coulter


    Hi Lois,

    I’m currently on holiday in Kauai – are there any local open water swim groups that swim at regular times?



    • Lois


      Aloha Stephen and welcome to Kauai! I’m not familiar with any particular swim group. You may check with the YMCA in Lihue. It’s possible they could connect you with someone. Otherwise, this time of year, Hanalei Bay is really a delightful place to swim. Anini early in the mornings is really nice too, except you have to share the space with all the turtles. 🙂 If you’re still in town later this week, perhaps we can swim. Aloha!

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