If maxing out your heart rate, draining the atmosphere of oxygen, and mountain biking through sloppy slippery slick as ice mud is your idea of fun, then the Powerline Race is for you! Every July 4th since 1986, mountain bikers line up on the Princeville side of Powerline and race at full speed along the 11+ mile course to the finish at Wailua. It used to be a graded dirt road that was accessed by utility companies, hence the name Powerline. It is now fairly single-track, rutted, and gnarly.


Congratulations to Lois Lutz (RA) for finishing the race in 2:18:59. Her eighth time racing Powerline, she won the women’s division since she was the only woman crazy enough to show up. That look of sheer joy is because she crossed the finish line and survived!

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