"Hihimanu", the spotted eagle ray, is very sacred to the Hawaiian people. "Guardians of the reef". Hihimanu is also the name of the lefthand portion of the triad of mountains that stand like great sentinels behind Hanalei Town and our Bali Hai Realty office. Namolokama Mountains of Hanalei ...read more
Old Hawai'i: when the sounds of ukulele wafted on the balmy breeze while the lullaby of the surf permeated the evening air. And it still does. One of the most beautiful things about living on the North Shore is how little things change over the past 100 years. And we love it that way. Here ...read more
Coldwell Banker Dominance in US and Hawaii The Coldwell Banker brand is the oldest and most established residential real estate franchise system in North America. In fact, in many ways it was the original real estate “start-up” founded in San Francisco in 1906 by young entrepreneurs Colbert ...read more
On August 19, 2015, the DLNR gave a presentation at Hanalei School regarding the proposed Hā‘ena Master Plan. This was an opportunity to provide information and receive feedback from the community. The overall objective of the Hā‘ena Master Plan is to: “Develop park facilities and ...read more