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"Smile Be Nice."

Wren Perdue was born and raised on the north shore of Kauai. Inspired by and in honor of her brother Bruce Perdue, Wren has made a commitment to pay it forward and donate 5% of her commissions from each transaction to the local non-profit of her client’s choice. Her clients rave about her professionalism as well as her warmth and compassion. Wren has B.A. in International Relations from ITESO, Guadalajara, Mexico. She joined Bali Hai in January of 2014, and when she isn’t working Wren enjoys composing music, songwriting, and spending time with her family and counts her blessings to be on the beautiful Garden Isle.

"My wife and I recently purchased a 3 bedroom/3 bath bungalow at Plantation at Princeville. We worked with Wren Perdue through the whole process. Net-net=Wren is the proverbial “dream come true”. She went WAY beyond our expectations. She was the consummate professional, giving us wise counsel in pricing strategy and walking us through the process. In addition, she continues to this day with assisting us in navigating our way to complete what’s necessary to get our home rented as an income property. We have grown to regard Wren as our surrogate daughter who is always there for us! I own a family of eight restaurants and would LOVE to have a team member like Wren! If I did, I would know that they were in great hands and I would sleep well at night. She’s a gem and truly embodies the aloha spirit in all that she does. Mahalo for her!" All the best,
Robert and Rozalynn

"Wren should be elected into the 40 under 40 of Kauai. She is a consummate professional and spectacular client service professional. Wren worked with us as we sought our dream retirement property. After (literally) evaluating properties across the globe, we fell in love with Kauai and are grateful that this young woman was our connection to paradise. Having been involved in real estate transactions for 40 years, I can wholeheartedly attest to Wren's professionalism, thoroughness, support and patience as we systematically selected our property. She was a superb support team in the background and we were never with concern as we navigated the process. The on-going relationship has also been a joy, and extremely rewarding as we begin to assimilate the island. For those of you considering a property transaction in Kauai, you owe it to yourself to reach out to Wren. For us, we will treasure the relationship and friendship!"
Jef & Kim V

"Wren Perdue is one of the best Real Estate Agents we have ever had! She is meticulous in her follow up and attention to detail. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Most especially, she is willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy and well taken care of, whether it's finding a contractor, a place to stay while you wait for your home to close escrow, or something as small as digging up information on the neighborhood animal rules. She doesn’t miss a beat. You will be in great hands with Wren!"
Rozalynn and Robert H.

"Possibly the best, most exciting time in my life was recently with sweet Wren Perdue! Easy to work with is an understatement. Twas a joy and my sincere pleasure learning about the real estate world with Wren. The amount of research and info she was able to dig up in just a few weeks is unparalleled. My first property purchase, may just be my last: However, if the stars align, I'll be working with Wren again & highly recommend you do the same. Congratulations, you've found The Best Agent on Kaua'i!"
Cas. S

Wren Perdue was our agent for this sale, and she did a terrific job for us. She was the third agent who had listed our condo for us. She showed the condo to more prospective buyers in a typical week than other agents did in six months. Wren worked with us to make the condo more attractive, helping us find a painter, handyman, and other contractors. She gave us great advice about replacing some of the furniture, and staging it to look its best. We have been vacation renting the condo during the entire time that it was listed. Wren took extra care to ensure that our guests were aware of showings, and coordinated showing times to work around the guests' schedules. She kept us up to date with weekly calls and emails - we always knew what was happening and when. During escrow Wren kept us informed at each step along the way, making sure we knew what to do & when. The proof of the pudding is, as they say, in the eating. Wren brought us potential customers, and ultimately one who purchased the condo at just under our listing ask. Where our two other realtors were not able to find a buyer, Wren was successful. We highly recommend Wren for any of your real estate needs on Kauai.
Rich & Dafna B.

"We want to thank Wren Perdue who marketed and guided the sale of our Hanalei vacation rental home through various expected and unexpected obstacles. She was always very attentive, responsive, self-starting, energetic, knowledgeable, diplomatic, pleasant and good-natured. She also proved to be creative with marketing ideas and in arranging showings and open houses around the busy schedule of renters and the necessary related cleanings. We were kept abreast by her weekly of other activity and pricing in the local real estate market. She is always a pleasure to deal with and is plainly a great agent to have representing you. We give her our very highest recommendation. Thank you, Wren!"
Peter & Rosemary M.

"My wife and I recently decided to purchase a piece of property on the North Shore of Kauai not realizing that purchasing in the islands offers a few challenges unique to the islands as opposed purchasing on the mainland. Were it not for Wren’s calm and experienced approach I have little doubt our wonderful results likely would have ended in great disappointment. Wren took the time to gain a clear understanding of our short and long term goals with this purchase. In our case we were flexible in terms of either an existing home or vacant land but had very different expectations between them. Wren was incredible in her ability to quickly reach and receive clear and concise answers from the County of Kauai land use staff. Her sage advice and introductions to key staff members has instantly created an excellent working relationship between myself and the County. She always kept the transaction moving forward by creating a schedule of milestones. All parties knew which had been reached and what remained throughout the transaction. I have worked with many realtors over the years acquiring various properties. Without exception all have been competent and professional. Wren greatly exceeded my past experiences with realtors in terms of market knowledge, building code requirements and timely, accurate responses to my endless questions. All of this was served with a calm and reassuring demeanor which simply evaporated the pressure during key milestones of our purchase. In short we consider Wren a trusted advisor and partner going forward with future purchases and sales on the lovely island of Kauai. If your dreams bring you to Kauai in search of a home I strongly suggest contacting Wren."
Drew, Dana and Luke P.

"Wren Perdue went above and beyond what I was expecting from a realtor. She showed us just the kind of homes we were looking For. We found our dream home and sent us to the right loan officer. We are very excited to move in."
Brian & Melinda D.

“You’ve found the agent you're looking for! Buying with Wren, the most amazing realtor we could have ever asked for, and her Bali Hai Realty team was such a smooth and positive experience for us. Wren is truly a superstar and worth her weight in gold. Here’s some of the things that struck me as going above and beyond to make her a truly exceptional real estate agent: She found our dream house! We were incredibly picky about buying a particular type of house and our search took about 6 months to find our perfect home. During that time, Wren made sure we were first to see properties even BEFORE they hit the market, pocket listings not MLS listed, and kept up to date almost daily with new market listings within our search criteria. When we were on island she graciously drove us around to different properties and efficiently scheduled multiple viewings to make the most of our days. She listens incredibly well and gets to know exactly what you want, then she finds it for you. She helped us negotiate and close at significantly below asking price in a hot, hot market! During the offer period, Wren provided incredibly valuable and detailed market analysis for comparative sales and helped us negotiate and navigate offers and counter offers. We ended up closing at far below the seller’s asking price and I don’t think that could have been done if we didn’t have the data points Wren provided which aided our negotiations. She is a master project manager with impeccable communications skills and made escrow and closing a breeze! Her project management skills are better than most project managers I’ve worked with at Facebook or Google. Since Wren was born and raised in Kauai, she is deeply connected and knows just about everyone on the island, including all the contractors, inspectors, and everyone else who’ll be involved during the escrow process. She scheduled every inspection and kept us updated with helpful timelines and reminders whenever we needed to take action on something. She really fought for our best interests when issues came up during inspections and made sure everything and us were thoroughly looked after. We always felt confident with her in our corner and she made a very difficult and confusing process turn into an incredibly easy experience for us. Aside from being an incredible real estate agent, she is an amazing person! Her smile will warm your heart and brighten your day. When you meet her you will find the true meaning of the aloha way.”
Matt & Chelsea M.

"My wife and I worked with Wren and the team at Coldwell Banker Bali Hai on the purchase of a second home in Princeville. It was a challenging deal on many fronts, including the fact that it involved the transfer of an active vacation rental property and an occasionally cantankerous seller. Wren was relentless in driving the project forward. She was incredibly proactive and made sure that we stayed on task and closed out the innumerable tasks involved in such a transaction. Despite challenges, she stayed positive and productive as a problem solver to make sure that the deal closed ahead of schedule. Her level of commitment and ownership was extraordinary, and she was a tireless advocate on our behalf. More importantly, Wren was a pleasure to work with personally. She was warm and gracious, but firm when she needed to do so on our behalf. She was always positive and served as a reminder of the spirit that called us to Kauai in the first place. Mahalo Wren."
John & Kim S.

"We feel very fortunate to have had Wren Perdue of Coldwell Banker/Bali Hai Realty on our team as we sold our home in Kilauea and purchased a condo in Princeville on Kauai. Wren is intelligent and resourceful, showed attention to detail, and was diligent in following up on each of our questions and requests. Wren performed all of her efforts on our behalf -- even those beyond any expected professional duty -- with a real sense that she was happy to work tirelessly in our interest. She is a real professional -- tapping into governmental, community and realty resources and providing us with detailed information and options to promptly answer our questions and concerns. She was always ready to be of assistance, keeping us fully apprised at each stage of the two interconnected transactions. Wren was gracious and accommodating during all of our requests to view properties -- even on a holiday. Wren is a bright, efficient professional who is fun to work with. If she is not a friend when you begin your real estate adventure, she will be one when you conclude it -- successfully, thanks to her excellent real estate assistance and gracious spirit."
Pam & Doug G.

"Wren did a fantastic job for us! She was able to successfully take us from viewing properties on line to closing the deal! She is a very polite and professional lady who makes the process easy!"
Lance and Terri S.

"When my girlfriend and I first thought of buying a home on Kauai it seemed like a dream. A dream that might come true in a few years, maybe 3-5 years. That didn’t stop us from looking, which turned to dreaming which grew into us looking more and asking realtors questions. We connected with Wren Perdue and told her we were interested in purchasing a home. At the time, we were in talks with a few different realtors but it became apparent that she was going to do whatever it took to find us our home. After daily emails and options from Wren working round the clock we saw our perfect home but unfortunately it was in escrow with another buyer. We we kept looking but we just couldn’t get this home off of our minds. About a week or two later we got a call from Wren saying that the house had fallen out of escrow and immediately with Wrens help we jumped on it. Being that this was our first home, we thought that the battle was already won being that we were already approved but found out quickly that it is a very detailed and tedious process. It took so much paper work, so much explanation of income etc… And that was just another small portion. Then there’s the negotiating process and as any home owner would like, someone to make sure you’re buying a home that is ready to be lived in and be lived in for a very long time. From our search to our paper work and down to not just getting the home for the correct price but making sure that the home was taken care of before we moved in, Wren made sure we did everything right. I cannot stress enough how hard she worked. She always had a good, assuring and motivated attitude. I truly believe that if not for her, we would have never gotten this home. She never took a day off, she answered every single phone call no matter what day or time, she answered every email very quickly, she answered every question we had (and I had a lot of them : ) ) and if there was anything I asked that she wasn’t 110% sure about, she found out right away and let us know. Her knowledge of the market was amazing and she explained every move we did throughout the whole process. She brought on her own trusted people and made sure that we had all the right people around us stressing us to put our best foot forward the first time around so we get the home we want and we did and it’s all thanks to her willingness to listen to what we want and her professionalism, leadership, and experience to also tell us how to get it. Because of her work ethic and experience in how and what to do, and who to do it with; we got into our home for not much at all and our mortgage is very reasonable. We not only got our home for under asking price but she made sure our home was inspected in every aspect, approved, anything that needed to be treated or fixed was and because she found us such an amazing home under our budget with an very large 2 room studio, we now are able to rent our studio out for half our mortgage payment. If you would have told us 6 months ago that in a couple months, we would be living in your own home, I would have laughed and said I doubt it. We’ve lived in our home for two months now and I’m still blown away that our dream is now reality and there’s only two reasons why, God and Wren Perdue and the Bali Hai A team. I have had several friends say that their process of home owning was a lot harder and longer. I can’t imagine anyone working as hard, being so involved, so visibly invested and so detailed & precise with exactly what we wanted. I would definitely recommend Wren Perdue @ Bali Hai and if/when I am able to shop for a house again, I have no doubt who I’m going with. Mahalo Wren!"
Benji R. & Trish F.

My pride and joy, my beloved brother Christian Perdue My inspiration in life, my beloved brother Bruce Perdue Yoga helps me stay balanced
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